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Best man… so last year. Best Woman is the way forward!

As weddings continue to break with tradition and are becoming more personal to the bride and groom, it make sense that the traditional wedding party concepts would change as well.

If you’re a Groom and your best friend is a girl, why not have her as your ‘Best Man’ and vice versa. Your best guy friend could share your special day as your Man of Honour… Chief Bridesmaid… Chief Brides Man… name it whatever you’d like! Afterall, your wedding party should be made up of the people you love the most, those who have been there to share your most memorable life events.

This is the biggest day of your life, so you don’t have to stick with tradition. Traditional weddings are beautiful but, if you want your personalities to shine through, then why not include your best friend in a non-traditional role?

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This is exactly what we did. My husband Zeppi’s best friend is a girl named Jodie. We all met at university and they’ve been inseparable since. I’d say she was one of the lads but I don’t want to do her a disservice.

Jodie planned Zeppi’s stag do (again, a mixed event, guys and girls) which pleased everyone not just the Groom. She was there to offer advice and support throughout the whole wedding planning process and got Zeppi through a nervous morning on the big day. Her speech couldn’t have been funnier, and she started off the dancing at the reception with the help of our Maid Of Honour. They got everyone up on the dance floor for the ENTIRE night! We couldn’t have asked for a better ‘Best Man’.

And yes, she wanted to be called the ‘Best Man’. Jodie said, “I wanted to be the best man, not the best woman, because we all know the best woman today is Elaine.” Awwww! Oh yes, she was good! That’s just one of the many witty lines from her speech. She made us laugh and she brought us to tears as well as poking fun at the Groom as only a Best Man can.

I’m all for mixed wedding parties, as you can tell. But bride’s-to-be, let me tell you, it gives you peace of mind when your groom goes off on his stag do, knowing a girl has organised it! You know he won’t end up naked, chained to a lamppost or on a train to goodness-knows-where! 😉

So, break with tradition and make your wedding as unique as you are!

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