How to Plan Your Own Wedding

How to plan your wedding | The Castle Hotel

Once you’re engaged, (and the reality has set in that you really are getting married) shock soon takes over as you realise that you’ve got to PLAN a wedding! It can be a little daunting and there’s quite a lot to take into consideration.

When I planned my wedding, I was clueless about where to start or how to go about it. The only knowledge I had came from watching ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’… so at least I knew that SOME research needed to be done!

Since then, I decided to make a career of planning events and, though I’ve become quite used to what needs to be done, I haven’t forgotten the panic I faced when planning my own wedding. So, I hope to help you avoid the same experience with my handy planning list!

Things to consider:

  • Set your budget – this should always come first
  • Select the date
  • Choose a venue
  • Number of guests – ceremony and reception
  • Theme/Colour scheme (FUN!)
  • Flowers
  • Decorations
  • Wedding party (bridesmaids, best man, etc.)
  • Hen/stag do
  • Honeymoon
  • Don’t forget to check your passport expiry dates!
  • Stationery
  • Photographer/videographer
  • Attire
  • Save the dates
  • DJ/band/entertainment
  • Reading and music
  • Travel
  • Reading of the Banns
  • Take out wedding insurance

There are some great websites and books out there to help you plan. I’d suggest either buying a wedding planner/folder, so you have a place to keep all your important info, or creating a spreadsheet…depending on how you are inclined. I know a spreadsheet might be a horrifying thought for some!

I went all Monica Geller (from Friends) on my our wedding and went to town on the old spreadsheets. That was mainly because I couldn’t find a wedding planner that suited my needs. I wanted a count down, so I knew when to do what and I wanted somewhere to collate all the info.

Two books which I found very helpful were: Wedding Planning for Dummies (links below) and The DIY Wedding Manual: How to create your perfect day without a celebrity budget.

But there are so many free helpful websites and blogs available too and, of course, PINTEREST. I love this site and whiled away far too many hours in the rabbit hole that is Pinterest. If you haven’t experienced this site, it’s a wonder of online mood boarding and inspiration. You didn’t know you wanted or needed it until you’ve been on Pinterest!

The first thing I would suggest doing would be to set your budget and how much you want to spend on the different areas of the wedding. Once that’s done its plain sailing.

In my next post, I’ll give you a helping hand with a countdown and how to get the ball rolling.


Our 3 Favourite Personal Touches

Personalise Your Wedding Accessories & Gifts

It is the same with any wedding, you want to make it your own, using personal touches that can propel the day from pretty special to pretty spectacular! Here are three amazing ways which can totally add that personal touch to your special day!

1. Personalised HangersPersonalised hangers for your wedding day

If you are starting the day with your bridesmaids & plenty of bubbles, give them personalised dress hangers! Each can be individually styled with their name and you could even add the date for that extra touch! As an added bonus, these hangers make great props for photos. A perfect and practical memento for your bridesmaids!

Personalised Details2. Individual Drinks for Your Guests

What about those welcome drinks? The first drink you offer to your guests once you have said the I Do’s and the knot is tied. A brilliant personal touch, that I’ve seen, is using personalised, individual bottles of Fizz with decorative straws. You could ask the bar staff to serve or simply leave the guests to it, adding a bit of fun to the day!

 3. Make Your Guest Book Into ArtAlternatives to wedding guest books

Finally, if you’d like remember all of your guests, but want something a little more exciting than your standard guest book, why not use a personalised drop top guest book!

This is a super cute way of creating a memory that can be hung over the mantelpiece for a lifetime! Giving the guests a small heart to add their names or best wishes and ask them to drop it into the box (Make sure they post it the right way though!)

You will even be able to add fit this to your wedding colour theme and style. Such a great way of displaying your memories instead of a traditional guest book that will gather dust on top of your wardrobe!