Scandinavian Inspired Winter Wedding Trends

The warm, sunny bank holiday weekend already seems a distant memory and you can feel a slight chill in the air. In no time at all, you’ll be ordering gingerbread lattes, bundling up in your favourite, warm layers and celebrating the end of another glorious year with family and friends.

Winter is also a popular time of the year for tying the knot. We’ve noticed a surge in Scandinavian-inspired wedding trends. Our Nordic neighbours epitomise winter elegance by keeping things stylishly simple, making use of their natural surroundings and understanding how to stay chic and cosy in the cold.

So to give you a little nordic inspiration, here are ten of our favourite Scandinavian wedding suggestions…

1. Go Green 
Conifers are abundant around Scandinavian fjords. These evergreens have adapted to protect their roots from extreme cold. But on a lighter note, their needles work exceptionally well with Nordic-inspired winter weddings. Use them everywhere, from invitations to table decorations. Even a bouquet!

2. Keep It Seasonal
If you want to add a bit more colour, use seasonal flowers like amaryllis, or choose simple, deep colours like red and purple roses, paired with seasonal and regional greenery.  Using more shrubs than flowers could save you a fortune, too.

3. Keep It Simple
Scandinavian style is as cool as their climate, so lose the fuss and clutter when decorating. Less is more – more stylish, more elegant, and more affordable.

4. Don’t Be Afraid Of Red
When planning a winter wedding, it’s easy to be afraid of using too much red and green together for fear that it looks more like a Christmas party rather than your special day. But if the Scandinavians can pull it off, you can too! Just add a few different shades for variety, and you’re sorted.

5. Wreaths Aren’t Just For The Door
They make stunning, leafy crowns and garlands for your head. Ditch the tiaras and go for a more Nordic nature look.

6. Use Natural, Earthy Accents
Instead of using elaborate and expensive floral centrepieces, try using branches instead. Hanging branches are very popular as a Scandinavian wedding decoration, but why not position them in the middle of the table? Add some hanging candles for a more dramatic effect.

7. Accessorise Your Dress.
The best thing about getting married in cold weather – you can add more accessories… faux fur wraps, fingerless gloves, and scarves for a pop of colour all come to mind!

 8. Try Something A Little Different
We’re obsessed with these gorgeous wedding cakes from our Nordic neighbours. Why not impress your guests with a beautifully decorated Kransekake?

9. Glogg It Up
In Sweden, they definitely know the how to stay warm. The Swedish version of mulled wine (made with port, bourbon, rum, cinnamon and spices) is a delicious alternative to a glass of fizz for the wedding toast.

10. Smoking Starters
Experiment with your canapés by using fresh ingredients combined with northern herbs. Take a look at this amazing twist on our much loved blini.